We build collaborations between education, business and other stakeholders who care about ensuring our publicly funded education system is progressive, innovative and relevant so Canadian students are inspired to achieve personal and academic excellence.

We believe that the growing mismatch between ‘people without jobs’ and jobs without people’ can be stymied when our public education system and workforce leaders build strong and lasting collaborations to address this issue together. It is a serious dilemma, now more so than ever before. Growing complexities in the global arena have a direct impact on Canada’s future, prosperity and standing in the world.

The Ultimate Ripple Effect
Imagine the ripple effect to the family and community when a child feels empowered to set stretch goals and strive to achieve them – fully confident of teacher and system support! The ultimate ripple effect reaches all Canadians.

At The Learning Partnership, we understand education and we understand business. We have earned a successful and credible track record of bringing people together through our initiatives such as the Education Summit, CEO Roundtable and Business Education Task Force.

Deep insights and great initiatives have resulted from these invaluable collaborations.  More than 6.9 million children have benefitted from our curriculum-aligned education programs, and the momentum continues. Vigilance in ensuring that our standards of public education serve the needs of a dynamic and ever-changing workforce will set us solidly on the path to world class success – for this we have no doubt.



Our Programs and Initiatives
The scope of our work, influence and operations is nationwide – our work touches every province and territory in Canada. 
Innovative programs and initiatives are the driving force behind the work of The Learning Partnership. We focus on FIVE key areas:
  1. Student Programs:  to ensure students develop healthy attitudes, relevant skills and are empowered to compete successfully in a complex global economy and drive Canada's continued competitive edge
  2. Educator Programs and Executive Leadership: to strengthen leadership for principals and senior education officers because great leaders create great schools
  3. Knowledge Mobilization: to connect ideas and credible research with stakeholders in education, business and the community by moving knowledge across provincial boundaries and shining light on successful practices in education
  4. Collaborations: to build meaningful partnerships with business, industry, education, government and community stakeholders, so together we can drive thought leadership and deliver results
  5. Tributes and Celebration Events: to recognize leaders for their outstanding contributions to advancing publicly funded education in Canada and together celebrate the success of our students and teachers